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Vermilion River

Posted 02/21/2011
Vermilion River - Vermilion County **Restrictions lifted on 3/12/11**

**Restrictions back in effect on 2/28/11 due to rising water levels**

**Restrictions lifted on 2/26/11**

Conservation Police District Supervisor Tony Norman reported rising flood waters, dangerous currents, floating and submerged debris, and sharp turns in the course of the river have created conditions significantly hazardous for navigation on the Middle Fork River from the north boundary of Potomac City Park to the south boundary of Kickapoo State Park. The conditions also make it treacherous for emergency personnel who are called upon to respond to and rescue persons involved in boating mishaps. Region 3 Conservation Police Commander Captain Joe Morelock,
Conservation Police Officer Dallas Bowman and Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency Coordinator Ted Fisher concur with the assessment.

The Middle Fork of the Vermilion River level above Oakwood, IL is 6.04 feet with a discharge of 3,230 cubic feet per second (10:45 a.m.) ....

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