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Fox River (IL)

Posted 04/23/2008
I-88 Bridge, Debris from Truck Accident A recent truck accident on the I-88 bridge has left debris in the river posing an additional danger to paddlers. Also take note of several dangerous areas in the I-88 bridge construction area -as reported by Randy Hetfield (President, CWA):

1. The left channel under the bridge has been blocked off by a temporary bridge that extends below the water line, creating a strainer situation. This must be avoided at all costs. We need to try to encourage warning signs to be put up.

2. The right channel has been seriously constricted (and metal I-Beams have been placed in the center). This creates very fast current and a downstream wave train. This includes a beautiful 2-3 ft play wave. The result is a class II+ rapid. While this has been a boon for those of us that do whitewater, many flatwater boaters would not want to be there. Broaching on the I-Beams is a real danger. Portage on the right just before the bridge and follow the bike path around the bridge. Discussions need to be held with whoever owns the land and with construction officials to secure permission to use this spot as a portage, as it is used for construction access and has no trespassing signs.

Thanks to Andy Cocallas and Randy Hetfield for their reports.

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