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Fox River (IL)

Posted 06/10/2008
Boating restricted on Fox River between Stratton and Montgomery Dams River closed due to high water, swift currents and dangerous debris.

SPRINGFIELD - The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (IDNR), based upon local request, has designated a portion of the Fox River between the Stratton Dam and the Montgomery Dam as a Restricted Boating Area due to dangerous conditions that exist as a result of recent storms.

Dangerous conditions include high water flows submerged piers, obstructions to navigation such as floating debris, and swift currents especially at the dams. These conditions make the Fox River hazardous to boating and also make it treacherous to safety personnel who are called to aid in boating incidents and accidents. The McHenry County Marine Unit and Kane County Office of Emergency Management concur with the IDNR's assessment of the hazardous conditions. Flows on the Fox River are 4550 cubic feet per second at Stratton Dam. .... ....

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