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Fox River (IL)

Posted 06/16/2008
Wisconsin border to Algonquin Dam Closed "The Illinois Department of Natural Resources has designated the Fox River from the Wisconsin/Illinois border to the Algonquin Dam, including the Chain O'Lakes, as a Restricted Boating Area due to hazardous navigation conditions. Watercraft of all types, including jet skis and wave runners, are prohibited because of severe navigation hazards. Local law enforcement will issue citations to boater sthat do not follow this order.

The Fox River, at the gauging station in Kenosha County at New Munster, did crest at 15.18 feet Sunday night. The river is forecast to stay above 14 feet through Saturday, June 22. (Flood stage level is 10 feet)."

This report was extracted from a communique from Suzi Schmidt, Lake Co. Board Pres. via Paul Klonowski.

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