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DuPage River

Posted 09/07/2008
Strainer south of Shepley Rd. The following message was received from Phil Lincenberg. If anyone finds out it has been removed, please notify Tom Lindblade lindbladet@...;

South of Shepley Road a tree has newly fallen across the DP. From upstream there is no indication of a safe way around it. At the moment, Saturday, September 6th, the river was running about ~3-4mph. At the point where the tree was down I believe there was one foot drop as the current appeared to pickup speed approaching the tree. The tree is lying flat across the water in the river. You can neither go over or under it. It is acting more as a low overhead dam with the danger that you you can also be sucked under.

I was able to turn my boat upstream and paddle my way out of harms way.

My later thought was that I have should have ferried right and left with backstrokes but I could see no openings from bank to bank.

Upon paddling upstream about fifty feet I was able to work over to the river-right bank where my companions had pulled in. From that vantage point we were able to glimpse that there indeed was a clear channel if we maintained a position of hard river-right.

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