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DuPage River

Posted 03/18/2009
75th St. Bridge Work Warning Received from Kathy Landow:

I ran the stretch from Centennial Park to Weigand with my son, and had a disturbing

As we were passing under the 75th St. bridge (under construction with workers present), the workers were shouting "If you came by 10 minutes
ago, you'd be dead". The construction project was underway with apparent rebuilding of the bridge. There
were no warning signs of any kind, no booms or protective equipment in the area. We did not see anything falling off the bridge, nor any debris in the water.
Granted, it was probably unexpected for paddlers to be in the water this early in the year and during the week. But if there was a chance for injury to anyone below the bridge, shouldn't there have been some warning signs or something to indicate danger?

I think they were caught off guard, and unprepared for the possibility of traffic below the bridge.

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