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DuPage River

Posted 05/15/2009
Buoy/line across river near I-80 bridge Erik Sprenne informs us:

During a Saturday trip on the DuPage River (Hammel Woods in Shorewood to Shepley Road south of I-80), a hazard was noted at the I-80 bridge, where construction has started on replacing spalled concrete on the abutments under the bridge.

On the approach to the bridge, a buoy line was noted just downstream of the bridge, consisting of a line strung all the way across the river, with buoys evenly spaced along the line to keep it on the surface of the water. Assuming that this is a safety device for any workers that fall into the water from the scaffolding erected under the bridge, it appears that the workers are not aware of the fact that this section of the DuPage sees significant recreational boating activity. There was no one working at the site on Saturday, but yet the line was still strung across the river. It would be good if the contractors would: a) remove this safety line on weekends and after working hours (i.e. when no one is on the job site) b) erect signage upstream of the bridge to warn paddlers of the hazard.

Paddlers approaching this bridge should do so cautiously, as there is the potential for this safety line to snag a boat proceeding down the river.

The IL DOT was notified of the above through the comment form on the IL DOT web site (no one answers the listed telephone number), but paddlers need to pay attention when approaching this bridge as long as there appears to be construction activity at the bridge.

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