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Fox River (IL)

Posted 06/19/2009
I-88 bridge demolition closure - 1000 ft portage required! The following was received from the Illinois Tollway: Fox river Closed at Reagan memorial tollway (I-88) for Fox river bridge demolition work. Paddlers Advised to Consider Alternate Route or Portage Required.

The Illinois Tollway will temporarily block travel on the Fox River under the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) beginning Thursday, June 18, for demolition of the westbound Fox River Bridge as part of the I-88 Rebuild & Widen Project between the Aurora Toll Plaza and Orchard Road. Barges will be in place all the way across the Fox River for bridge demolition activities scheduled to be complete in early July. Paddlers are advised to either enter the river downstream from the work zone or be prepared to portage around the construction zone. The designated portage location will be on the west side of the river upstream of the Tollway project area. Boaters and other recreational users should use the Fox River Trail West parallel to the river and re-enter the river south of the bridge at the designated location. This will require paddlers to carry their boats up to 1000 feet to re-enter the river.

The Tollway will post signs along the river and at public river access locations. Signage and buoys will direct canoe and kayak traffic toward portage areas and away from the demolition area. Upon completion of the demolition work paddlers will be restricted to the west side of the Fox River due to the installation of a temporary construction bridge on the east side of the river. Part of Tollway's Congestion-Relief Program

Reconstruction of the existing Fox River Bridge is needed to accommodate the rebuilding and widening of the Reagan Memorial Tollway (I-88) from the Aurora Toll Plaza to Orchard Road. A new Fox River Bridge was completed in 2008 to carry eastbound traffic, and when reconstruction is complete in 2010, the existing bridge will carry westbound traffic. All of the work is part of the Illinois Tollway's $6.3 billion Congestion-Relief Program.

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