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Chicago River

Posted 08/11/2008
Deep Tunnel Repairs Power outages from recent storms have reduced the ability to divert sewer flows to the Deep Tunnel. While repairs are being made, combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into the Main Branch could occur during or after further rainfall. Be alert, especially when ....
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Chicago River

Posted 05/28/2008
Strainer Below Golf Rd. Bridge Reported by Vic Hurtowy:

There is a sizable stam-wide strainer developing on the N.Branch just below the the bridge on Golf Road. It began as a downed sappling most likely in Feb. and it's visible from the east bound lane of Golf Rd..

Chicago River

Posted 05/27/2008
North Branch Hazard Removed From the Illinois Paddling Council:

IPC North crew Water Trail Keepers; Ryan Iverson, Aaron and Jessica Wernick, Gary Mechanic and Jack Snarr tackled a sizable tangle at the Caldwell Woods foot bridge over the North Branch of the Chicago River. ....
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