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Kishwaukee River

Posted 07/30/2010
Kish Open Capt. Morelock informs us that all restrictions have been lifted on the Kishwaukee.

Kishwaukee River

Posted 06/26/2009
All restrictions lifted Sgt. Morelock informs us that all restrictions on the South Branch and the Kishwaukee have been lifted.

Kishwaukee River

Posted 06/23/2009
Closures - Fox, Rock, Kish The DNR informs us of the following closures due to high water conditions:

The Fox River, Montgomery North to Stratton Dam

The Rock River, through Ogle, Whiteside, and Lee Counties

The South Branch of the Kishwaukee from C ....
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Kishwaukee River

Posted 07/17/2008
River Opened Thw IDNR announced the lifting of restrictions on the Kishwaukee through Winnebago County. ....

Kishwaukee River

Posted 07/14/2008
River Closed The Illinois Department of Natural Resources and the Winnebago County Sheriff's Department closed the river around 4 p.m Sunday, due to having to rescue numerous tubers

Kishwaukee River

Posted 05/25/2008
Strainer Removed From the Illinois Paddling Council:

This is an Official Illinois Paddling Council River Hazard Removal Alert

The extremely dangerous strainer on the Kishwaukee River above Distillery Rd, which had been responsible for numerous capsiz ....
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