Below is a list of dams that have been compiled on PaddleAway.com

Description Portage Instructions Portage distance from dam Owner Map
Sumner Park Dam
Pecatonica River - Pecatonica , IL

Small, broken down dam, portage on the north/left side of river.
- - Map it
Blanchardville Dam East Branch
Pecatonica River - Blanchardville, WI

- - Map it
Argyle Power Pland Dam
Pecatonica River - Argyle, WI

Right past the 81 bridge.
- - Map it
Brown's Mill Dam
Pecatonica River - Freeport, IL

There is a small broken dam at Brown's Mill, about 10 miles downstream from Freeport that you 'might' have to portage around.

The LEFT side of this broken dam is lower.
If the Freeport river gage is below 5.5, portage on river left might be necessary. Freeport River Gage - http://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?cb_all_00060_00065=on&cb_00060=on&cb_00065=on&format=gif_default&period=7&site_no=05435500 - Map it