Full Dam List - Full list of dams listed on PaddleAway.com

The plan is to add portaging paths, distance of the portage path from the dam, as well as pictures and videos corresponding to each dam. If you'd like to add a dam, this capability currently exist in the Paddling Map section. Pictures currently have to be added manually at the moment -this and more features to come soon.

Detailed list of dams in Illinois - Detailed IL dam and portaging info with pictures by Chicago Area Fishing/Paddling Guide.

See the video below for a video on the danger of low head dams. This dangerous style of dam kills people every year. Learn to recognize them and learn why they are so dangerous.

Low Head Dam Video
by Tom Lindblade & Marge Cline

Also of interest is a report by the Illinois DNR:
Evaluation Of Public Safety at Run-of-River Dams

Note that an incomplete map of dams are also available on the google maps interface here. They are indicated by a red stop sign with a X in it as shown below.