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Float Your Boat kayaking club

PostPosted: Fri Aug 24, 2007 1:41 pm
by rich
Last weekend I was at Busse woods taking some pictures of Cormorants from the shore and I met a kayaker who was part of a new local kayaking group, Float Your Boat. She told me that they were holding some beginners meetups that weekend and that they would be there again the next day and invited me to join them.

Well, I did. Turns out there were a total of 7 people who made it despite the pouring rain and 2 more that came later. The rain finally let up at which point we put our boats in the water. We paddled around the lake and then headed north past Higgins and started up Salt Creek before heading back to meet the last 2 members that were to join us.

It was a pleasure meeting this group and all were very friendly and willing to let the beginners in the group try out their boats to get a feel for what they want in a boat should they decide to buy one (I'm pretty sure they will as it was a fun paddle).

You can check out this group at the following, there are almost 100 members and it looks like membership is growing quickly -especially now that events are being held fairly often. I was just made an assistant organizer for the group and will be setting up some events in the near future. Hope to see you there.

Link to the club's homepage.

Photos of the trip