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The Backwaters of Busse Woods Lake

PostPosted: Sat Jun 21, 2008 9:21 pm
by rich
Each time I paddle Busse Woods Lake I like it more and more. Lately I've been exploring the "backwaters" sections on the northwest side near Rt. 53. It is a fairly isolated part of the lake and there is a small creek that leads towards 53 although it gets too shallow to make it all the way to 53. In this section I've encountered a few beavers, thrashing fish which splashed me, and a deer and her tiny fawn that startled me as I turned a corner on the creek as they crossed right in front of me.

Time to practice my backwards stroke since it was impossible to turn my boat around.

Heading back from a backwater section of the lake.

Small isloated section of the lake in the northwest section of Busse Woods. You have to pass through a short creek-like channel to get to this part of the lake. Its only about a foot deep here and your paddle will get muddy as it hits bottom often.

The creek that leads to rt 53.