2009 New Years Day Paddle - N. Branch Chicago River

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2009 New Years Day Paddle - N. Branch Chicago River

Postby rich on Thu Jan 01, 2009 4:45 pm

This was a fantastic paddle despite the cold and wind. This stretch of river was fairly isolated and twisted and turned through forest preserves, with only a few large houses to be seen. We passed under many old interesting bridges and a even a wooden rail road trestle.

Due to the recent melt off and rain, the river was moving pretty fast. At times it felt like an obstacle course as we bobbed and weaved around branches and trees -definitely made the trip exciting! At one point we came to a log whose ends were bobbing in and out of the water, giving the impression we were in the middle of a video game.

This is definitely a paddle I will be doing again this year. At the end of the trip I spoke with founder, Ralph Frese, and he suggested we take a trip during the Spring and Fall when it is most beautiful.

Lastly, I heard that about 6 boats dumped into the water. If you do this trip next year make sure you are properly dressed and prepared for cold water!

The put-in, and my was it cold and windy today!
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One of the first brave souls to make it on the river.
chicago_river_n_branch_2009_01_01a_small.jpg (79.64 KB) Viewed 1432 times

Just below the Willow Rd. Dam.
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Ralph Frese in discussion with Cook County Forest Preserve District.
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chicago_river_n_branch_2009_01_01i_small.jpg (76.7 KB) Viewed 1431 times

Peapod, getting groceries to you -even if you live on an island :)
chicago_river_n_branch_2009_01_01j_small.jpg (73.33 KB) Viewed 1431 times

Cookies and Hot Cocoa after a cold and windy trip.
chicago_river_n_branch_2009_01_01k_small.jpg (59.33 KB) Viewed 1431 times
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