Big Rock Creek near Plano IL

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Big Rock Creek near Plano IL

Postby rich on Sat Aug 09, 2008 9:20 pm

Dave Watts has been doing some great scouting of this stretch of the creek. He has been able to identify some put-ins and hazards and has spoken with creek-side owners attempting to obtain permission to paddle through their section of the creek.

Big Rock Creek is a tributary of the Fox and is one of the cleanest streams in northeastern IL ( and so aquatic life should be outstanding in the area. Here is a summary of what he's found out so far.

  • Favorable responses from several property owners as well as Kane & Kendall Co. Forest Preserves and the City of Plano regarding access & permissions to use creek.
  • The stretch going through Bluff Creek Farms (a nursery south of Quarry Park off of Jericho Rd. from Jericho Rd. to Galena Rd.)
    can not be paddled due its being privately owned and permission to paddle through was requested and denied.
  • As you would expect the creek is highly water dependent. It was likely navigable not that long ago although it may be too low at this point unless there is some rainfall.
  • The Fox River Road crossing is pasture on the east (up stream) side and usually very shallow except for flood stage. Probable take outs would be Klatt Park or Hale St.
  • A paddle from Galena Rd. to Klatt Park in Plano seems like a feasible trip.
  • Photos!
  • Dams, low foot bridges, etc... have been added to the paddling map here:

If anyone has paddled this creek or is familiar with it your comments would be greatly appreciated!

Below are some fall photos of the confluence of the Big Rock Creek with the Little Rock Creek courtesy of Dave Watts

Confluence of Little Rock and Big Rock Creek. This is just before emptying into the Fox River in Silver Springs State Park (just past the Fox River Rd Bridge).
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