How do you move your kayak?

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How do you move your kayak?

Postby WireMilitia on Thu Feb 04, 2010 1:23 pm

Curious what methods are used to bring kayaks to the water.

I've found a trailer but waaaay too expensive:

I like the trailer idea as I'm not fond of putting things on the roof.. Any suggestions?
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Re: How do you move your kayak?

Postby rich on Sat Feb 06, 2010 11:46 pm

I put the kayak on the roof rack and try and unload as close to the water as possible. I'm using the factory rack with factory cross bars on a Toyota mini-van and it has held up fine so far (since 2006). I padded the cross bars and throw the kayak directly on them upside down and then I use a couple straps to secure it. I also have a J mount (Yakima Hull Raiser) which I no longer use since getting a kayak onto the J supports on top of a mini-van is difficult to do -especially by yourself.

When loading and unloading by myself I put a floor mat or towel on the mini-van covering the hatch and the roof on the back and then just slide the kayak right up without scratching anything and without hurting my back. To get the kayak down just do the reverse.

Another nice car topping solution is a set of rollers and a Mako saddle like this

If I was to go with a trailer, I'd try and get one used and then modify it to hold kayaks.

In my experience, most kayakers "car-top" their kayaks. They will either use their factory rack or buy a rack system (Yakima/Thule/etc..) with crossbars. Most sea kayakers will then add the rollers and Mako Saddle (or similar). Wider rec kayaks typically just get thrown on top of the rack after having added some padding to the cross members.

Hope this helps.
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