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Busse Woods Lake put-ins

Junior Kayaker
Photo by anna

Busse Woods Lake photos(5), rentals, videos, dams

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Busse Lake
Elk Grove, IL

Busse Lake is one of the paddling gems of the northwest suburbs. It consists of a series of small interconnected lakes created by a dam on the Salt Creek.

Explorer's will want to paddle north across the lake where you'll find the Salt Creek channel which leads under Golf Rd and I-90. West of this area towards 53 there is a shallow channel that leads to an isolated section of the lake -here you will find a small creek that leads towards 53. Deadfall will prevent you from reaching all the way to route 53 however (trip report with photos, videos)

Busse Lake is home to a plethora of birds -Double Crested Cormorants which you'll see diving for fish, White Egrets, Blue Heron and Night Heron.

There are 2 cement boat ramps here although many paddlers prefer the grassy and rocky area just to the right of the cement ramps. There is plenty of parking available. For those without a boat trailer, make sure to park in the single car parking spaces as violators are now being fined (as of Summer 2008).

Canoes and paddle boats can be rented adjacent to this put-in (link).

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