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Kayak Chicago - Montrose Beach                       
Phone:  (630) 336-7245

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Put-in locations:
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Lake Michigan
Chicago River
North Shore Channel

Chicago, IL - Click for full Paddling Map to see nearby put-ins
Description: Offers rentals and instruction on Chicago River and Lake Michigan. They also have season passes on their rentals which may be a good idea if you want to kayak often. Regarding rentals, if you are planning on taking the kayak to another location, you are required to have taken their intro class and you must be paddling with another paddler (not alone). If you want to take a kayak off site and are going to be paddling solo, you are required to have taken both the intro and the intermediate course. They also offer SOT (sit on top) kayaks for rent which has no requirements since these are very stable and can be easily flipped right-side-up if they tip.

Kayak Chicago has several locations. This location is on Lake Michigan in the southeast corner of Montrose Beach in front of the volleyball courts.
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