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Horina Canoe & Kayak Rental                       
Phone:  231-862-3470

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Pine River
9889 M-37
Wellston, MI - Click for full Paddling Map to see nearby put-ins
Description: We invite you to enjoy an outing on the exciting PINE RIVER. The natural beauty of unspoiled wilderness along the cool shaded Pine will be a never forgotten memory.

Let us place you and a 17 foot canoe at any point on the Pine River. We will place your car at any point downstream that you desire. You may take a one day trip or over-nite campout at one of the many camp sites available.

All canoes and kayaks are inspected by the State of Michigan. Private car and canoe spotting services available. Featuring Old Town and Michicraft Canoes.

"We wish you a safe and enjoyable trip."

Jim Horina, Livery Operator
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