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Honor Canoe Rentals                       
Phone:  (231) 325-0112 or (231) 631-1637

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Platte River
Platte River
2212 Valley Rd / US-31
Honor, MI - Click for full Paddling Map to see nearby put-ins
Description: Located on US-31 North, East of Honor, MI

* Canoe the Lower Platte River
This 2 to 3 hour trip ends at Lake Michigan. Enjoy nature and beautiful sandy beaches along the way. This is great family fun at a leisurely pace, the average depth is 2-3 ft.

* Canoe the Upper Platte River
This 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 hour trip is a bit more challenging. Narrow with quick turns, hanging branches and an average depth 2-3 ft. Adult supervision is recommended.

*Extended times are available
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