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Freeman Sports                       
Phone:  (630) 553-0515

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Fox River (IL)
129 E. Hydraulic
Yorkville, IL - Click for full Paddling Map to see nearby put-ins
Description: Offers both kayak and canoe rentals for trips starting in Yorkville, IL. Trips can end in Silver Springs State Park (5 miles), Millington (11 miles), or Wedron (27 mile overnight camping trip).

From their website:
Many families have found it a great way to spend a day. We are sure you will also. We have had all age groups canoe with us. Freemans provides many float trips which are selected to provide maximum enjoyment for the occasional canoeist. These trips encompass the maximum variation in scenery, but have little similarity. For the experienced canoeist, longer trips may be arranged.
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