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Below are some links to videos of paddling destinations/trips; primarily of waterways in Illinois and Wisconsin for the moment. Tom Lindblade has created some wonderful videos accompanied by historical commentary. Even if you're already familiar with the waterway, I highly recommend viewing for the historical perspective Tom provides.

If you are looking to tune up your skills or learn something new, then head on over to the instructional videos section. There are some really excellent videos here -the instructors that made these have done a really good job displaying/explaining the proper techniques.

Video: Blackwell FP - Warrenville, IL
Description: Silver Lake is a fairly small lake, if you are more than a beginner you can do the circumference a few times to get a good work out. Despite being fairly small it is big enough to have about 3 distinct sections making it more explorable than a simple round lake.

For renters, they appear to have a nice selection of kayaks and canoes.

There is a put-in fee of $9 for non-residents.
Location/Distance: Silver Lake, IL, USA
Trip Date: 2008-08-09
Author: rich
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Video: Busse Woods Backwaters
Description: A large lake in the northwest burbs. A great paddle with many sections to explore and lots of wildlife to be seen.
Location/Distance: Busse Woods Lake, IL, USA
Trip Date: 2008-06-21
Author: rich
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Video: Door County Seak Kayak Symposium 2008
Description: Some great footage of the 2008 Door County Sea Kayak Symposium.

"Door County Sea Kayak Symposium 2008, including rolling class and group tour from Moonlight Bay to Cana Island "
Location/Distance: Lake Michigan, --None--, USA
Trip Date: 2008-07-11
Author: kbraband

Video: Paddling the Boo 2 /The Circus World Reach
Description: Join Tom Lindblade in his circus adventures on the Baraboo where you'll learn about the longest stretch of a dammed river that has been returned to free flowing. This trip takes you from Giese Park in Baraboo, WI to Rt 113.
Location/Distance: Baraboo River, WI, USA (7.42 miles)
Trip Date: 2008-05-17
Author: Tom Lindblade
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Video: Muscoda to Woodman
Description: "Muscoda to near Woodman, April 19, 2008"
Location/Distance: Wisconsin River, WI, USA
Trip Date: 2008-04-19
Author: kbraband

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