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Paddling 101:

You've just taken a sea kayak class and are all pumped up about learning more? Hopefully the videos below will help you out. These are some of the best instructional videos I've come across on Youtube.

Video: What To Do If You Fall Through The Ice
Description: Some amazing footage of a hypothermia expert demonstrating in ice cold water what to do should you fall through the ice.

1. The first minute you will gasp so try and keep your head above the water (a PFD will help with this). After the first minute the gasping reflex dissipates.

2. Try getting out where you fell in since the ice supported you up until you fell in. Kick your legs up behind you (just like in a T-rescue) and then try and pull yourself out.

3. If you can not get out, try and preserve heat by not thrashing around and keeping as much of your body out of the water as possible. Keeping your arms still on the ice. He states that people have actually been saved after their arms or beards froze to the ice before they became unconscious and were saved after finally going unconscious.
Author: GrizzlyAdamz(Youtube)

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