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Paddling 101:

You've just taken a sea kayak class and are all pumped up about learning more? Hopefully the videos below will help you out. These are some of the best instructional videos I've come across on Youtube.

Video: Solo Canoe - Cross Bow Draw and Cross Bow
Description: Cross Bow Draw and Cross Bow strokes - strokes which don't require you to change hand positions and used when speed and precise boat control are required in moving water.
Author: Tom Lindblade

Video: Solo Canoe - Forward Stroke
Description: Covers the 3 steps of the forward stroke.
1. Catch.
2. Propulsion.
3. Recovery.
Author: Tom Lindblade w/ Steve Shapiro & Tracy Hunt

Video: Solo Canoe - Bracing
Description: Maneuvers to keep your boat afloat when your boat starts to capsize -low brace, high brace and righting pry
Author: Tom Lindblade w/ Steve Shapiro

Video: Sea Kayak X-Rescue
Description: Nice demonstration with narrative of a X-rescue. This rescue is similar to a T-rescue but the paddler in the water enters their kayak from in-between the kayaks whilst looking to the sky.
Author: getafixcoaching

Video: Sea Kayak Self Rescue - The Ladder
Description: This sea kayaker shows some incredible balance as he performs a quick self-rescue in fairly rough water.
Author: getafixcoaching

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