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Paddling 101:

You've just taken a sea kayak class and are all pumped up about learning more? Hopefully the videos below will help you out. These are some of the best instructional videos I've come across on Youtube.

Video: C to C Kayak Roll
Description: Great demonstration of C to C kayak roll. From Expediciones Chile: "The C to C kayak roll is commonly known as the hip snap or hip flick roll. This sequence will help you understand which roll you are doing and define the movement that is required to get the most our of the popular roll."
Author: speusa(Youtube)

Video: Sea Kayak Surf Launch
Description: Some good instruction on how to launch into the surf.
Author: marcomitch(Youtube)

Video: Cowboy Scramble T Rescue
Description: "A British variation on the standard T sea kayak rescue."
Author: DeepSixDave(Youtube)

Video: Self Rescues - Re-enter and Roll and T-rescue
Description: Shows a couple "reenter and roll" self rescues where a paddle float and kayak are used to help roll after re-entering the kayak while it upside down in the water. A T-rescue of of his partner is then demonstrated.
Author: touringkayaks(Youtube)

Video: Paddle Float Rescue
Description: Great demonstration of a paddle float self rescue.
Author: touringkayaks(Youtube)

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