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Canoeing 101:

Videos for the beginning canoeist -beginning and advanced strokes, rescues and more are covered.

Video: !!! Cold Water Boot Camp !!!
Description: "Volunteers experience the 3 effects of cold water immersion - cold shock, cold incapacitation and hypothermia. Learn how to survive a fall into cold water. "

Awesome cold water immersion video showing participants suffering from cold shock and how a PFD will save your life in cold water!!! All paddlers need to watch this one!

Author: NASBLASafeBoating

Video: Outfitting Your Whitewater Canoe
Description: "Advice from Leo Hoare on fitting out your canoe with the right equipment "
Author: getafixcoaching

Video: Canoe Rescue - The Curl
Description: "Excerpt from Canoe Safety DVD coming winter 08 showing the curl rescue with canoe coach Leo Hoare"

This video demonstrates how to use the boat that has dumped as a ladder to ease getting into the rescuers solo canoe. They also demonstrate how to get back into the canoe once it has been emptied.

Author: getafixcoaching

Video: Solo Canoe - Compound Back Stroke
Description: Contemporary Solo Canoeing - the compound back stroke.

"The Compound Back Stroke is actually a combination of two strokes and ends with a reverse J correction. It begins with a "farback" stroke, moves into a regular back stroke and is completed with a reverse J correction."
Author: Tom Lindblade

Video: Solo Canoe - Duffek stroke
Description: Also known as the stationary draw. A turning maneuver used in moving water.
Author: Tom Lindblade w/Steve Shapiro

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