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Kayaking 101:

Videos for the beginner to advanced sea kayaker -from basic skills to advanced assisted and self-rescue techniques. These are some of the best instructional videos on Youtube.

Video: !!! Cold Water Boot Camp !!!
Description: "Volunteers experience the 3 effects of cold water immersion - cold shock, cold incapacitation and hypothermia. Learn how to survive a fall into cold water. "

Awesome cold water immersion video showing participants suffering from cold shock and how a PFD will save your life in cold water!!! All paddlers need to watch this one!

Author: NASBLASafeBoating

Video: Sea Kayak X-Rescue
Description: Nice demonstration with narrative of a X-rescue. This rescue is similar to a T-rescue but the paddler in the water enters their kayak from in-between the kayaks whilst looking to the sky.
Author: getafixcoaching

Video: Sea Kayak Self Rescue - The Ladder
Description: This sea kayaker shows some incredible balance as he performs a quick self-rescue in fairly rough water.
Author: getafixcoaching

Video: How to Paddle - Flatwater Kayaking
Description: Great tutorial on the forward stroke.
Author: kanoistikav

Video: Kayaking Spray Skirt
Description: Learn how a kayak spray skirt is put on and taken off.

You'll want to see their method for taking off the skirt should you accidentally tuck the grab loop inside and then capsize -this happened to me once, sure wish I had seen this video beforehand.

*** NOTE : Click Title To Watch this video.
Author: expertvillage

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