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Paddling Funnies!

Fellow paddlers having fun both on and off the water! Enjoy!

Video: Kayaking Warm Up Exercises?
Description: Try out this warm up routine next time you hit the water! Onlookers will definitely be entertained!
Author: SavCanKayak

Video: Winter Seal Launch Practice
Description: Watch on as these sea kayakers have a blast seal launching off the ice.
Author: jcvaillant

Video: Skyaking
Description: Found a link to this on the TDC message board -an amazing video on "Skyaking". Looks like fun but I think I'll stick to the water. I wonder if a PFD is recommended :)

Here  is another clip with an absolutely amazing landing!
Author: MilesD101

Video: Put-in Slide
Description: View the latest in boat launching technology, the put-in slide :)
Author: tjboring

Video: Frog Hollow 2006 Revisited
Description: One of the funniest paddling videos on Youtube!!! Countless canoes going over a tight drop in the river. A lucky few make it through, the rest end up swimming. Try and guess who will make it through.

Author: doctorsprocket

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